Exterior Materials and Finishes

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Duration: 06 Days
Lectures: 7
Video: 10 Hours
Level: Beginner

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11th October to 16th October 2021

Building materials have an important role to play in this modern age of technology. Although their most important use is in construction activities, no field of engineering is conceivable without their use. There are certain general factors which affect the choice of Exterior Materials & Finishes for a particular scheme. Perhaps the most important of these is the Climatic Background. Obviously, different Materials, Finishes and Forms of construction have developed in different parts of the world as a result of climatic differences. Another factor is the economic aspect of the choice of Exterior Materials. The rapid advance of constructional methods, the increasing introduction of mechanical tools and plants, and changes in the organization of the building industry may appreciably influence the choice of Exterior Materials. 

In this 6-day Workshop, you will be learning regarding the Exterior Materials & Finishes, their types, their installation & application process and much more

How To

Day 01

Introduction about Exterior Materials and Finishes

Day 02

Different Types of Exterior Materials and Finishes

Day 03

Materials – Basic Properties – Uses and Finishes with Details

Day 04

Installation Process and Finishes – 1

Day 05

Installation Process and Finishes – 2

Day 06

Installation Process and Finishes – 3


It is conducted via the Zoom application
Yes, Life long access to recordings of live lectures
Yes, We do have an Interactive Q&A session daily in the last 30 minutes of the live class
This course is for Interior Designers and anyone who is generally interested in gaining the knowledge of Exterior Materials and Finishes. This course requires no previous knowledge or skill to take.
Course Date:- 11th October to 16th October 2021Live Course Timings:- 21:30 to 23:00 (IST)Life-long Access to Live Lectures RecordingE-Books :- YesCertified CourseCall +91-261-3584607Live Chat Support on WebsiteClick for Live Chat on WhatsApp

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