SketchUp+Vray One-to-One Course

This is One-to-One Course

  • SketchUp is the ideal software to model 3D projects easily and quickly both for interior as well as exterior spaces.

In this course, we will be covering the basics of SketchUp. You will be shown the 3D design techniques required to efficiently model any space in SketchUp. Learn to apply and edit textures & materials, furniture and decor and then model the interior of residential space. And in the end, learn to create scenes using a camera tool to create professional-looking 3d images.

V-Ray for SketchUp is the rendering plug-in that provides you the power to render your 3d model directly inside SketchUp and create photo-realistic images. This course at the start will take you through the interface, and then demonstrate the basic tools and features of V-Ray for SketchUp. It will demonstrate how to add illumination to scenes using versatile V-Ray lighting tools along with the aspects of V-Ray materials and much more. This course on V-Ray for SketchUp will cover basics to advanced techniques for beginners.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to V-Ray interface
  • Applying Materials & Textures
  • Understanding of V-Ray Lights
  • Detail Explanation of V-Ray BRDF
  • Rendering an Interior Space

Day 01 - Introduction To SketchUp Interface - I

Day 02 - Introduction To SketchUp Interface - II

Day 03 - In-Depth of SketchUp Tools

Day 04 - Modelling An Apartment Flat in SketchUp - I

Day 05 - Modelling An Apartment Flat In SketchUp - II

Day 06 - Modelling An Apartment Flat In SketchUp - III

Day 07 - Introduction to V-Ray SketchUp

Day 08 - Rendering An Apartment Flat In SketchUp

Day 09 - Modelling A Bedroom - I

Day 10 - Modelling A Bedroom - II

Day 11 - Modelling A Bedroom- III

Day 12 - Rendering a Bedroom - I

Day 13 - Rendering a Bedroom - II

Day 14 - Modelling a Modular Kitchen - I

Day 15 - Modelling a Modular Kitchen - II

Day 16 - Modelling a Modular Kitchen - III

Day 17 - Rendering A Modular Kitchen - I

Day 18 - Rendering A Modular Kitchen - II

Day 19 - Bonus Plugin - I

Day 20 - Bonus Plugin - II

Day 21 - Bonus Plugin - III


45 Minutes Daily, 5 Lectures Per Week
It is conducted via the Zoom application
- Notes - SketchUp Files - SketchUp 3D Model Library - V-Ray Materials - V-Ray Library
Yes, Life long access to recordings of live lectures
Yes, We do have an interactive Q&A session daily in the last 15 minutes of the live class
This course is for Architects, Interior Designers and anyone who is generally interested in designing. This course requires no previous knowledge or skill to take.
Live Class Timings:- As Per Your Selection
Life-long Access to Live Lectures Recording
E-Books :- Yes
Certified Course
Call +91-261-3584607
Live Chat Support on Website
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Enrolled: 21 students
Duration: 21 Days
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Video: 16 Hours
Level: Beginner

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