Technical Aspects of Waterproofing

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Waterproofing Course

Pre-Recorded Course

What are we going to learn in this course?

  • What is waterproofing?
  • The ancient and modern form of waterproofing 
  • Importance of waterproofing?Why it is needed
  • Areas For waterproofing
  • Checking Concrete before Waterproofing
  • What is Honey Combs Cracks Cold Joints Structural Joints
Bathroom waterprooing
Brickbed Coba
  • What is Brickbat Coba?
  • Limitations  OF Brickbat Coba 
  • Waterproofing problems?
  • Causes of water infiltration 
  • Widely used coating material for waterproofing
  • Properties of Waterproofing material
  • What is alkaline hydrolsis
  • Substrate requirements according to IS norms S 1443-1972, 
  • Steps of Substrate preparation
  • Treatment for weak junctions
  • Treatment for bore packing, surrounding anchoring
  • Corner Treatment
  • Product examples and where they should be used  
  • testing methods of waterproofing 
  • Regulatory requirements of waterproofing 
  • Cement-based waterproofing 
  • Polymer-Based Waterproofing
  • PU Based Waterproofing
  • Water repellent coating 
  • Bitumen based waterproofing 
  • Crystalline based waterproofing 

Bonus Part

  • How to repair waterproofing problems?
  • What is injection grouting and how it is used?shold

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Introdution to Waterproofing
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Methods and Products
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Quiz & Assingment

Technical Aspects of Waterproofing
5 questions
What is importance of waterproofing ?


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Technical Aspects of Waterproofing
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